Corporate Social Responsibility

More than ever, the health and prosperity of individuals, communities, and nations are deeply intertwined with the natural ecosystems that sustain them. The great challenge of this century is to meet the growing demand for food, fresh water, energy, and other resources that advance human development while protecting our ecosystems.

Meeting this challenge requires finding solutions at the intersection of human and natural systems. Our work — with businesses, governments, foundations, and non-profits — recognizes the interdependency of human progress and the environment to protect the world’s most vulnerable people and ecosystems.

Our Expertise:

    • Strategy and policy. We design strategies, develop business models, and identify policy changes that align with environmental protection, restoration, and sustainable development.

    • Partnership building. We help clients identify and build partnerships – through workshops, joint initiatives, and forums – that best leverage each partner’s expertise toward the common goal of marrying sustainable development and environmental protection.

    • Financing models. We work with clients to design financing models and resource mobilization strategies to drive funding towards environmental problems.

    • Implementation roadmaps: We design detailed action plans that clearly pave the road for the new strategies, partnerships and financing models. Our unique, on-the-ground presence and networks allow us to provide operational guidance in complex settings.