Organizational Effectiveness

The most impactful organizations and businesses know that strategy is just the first step – they need to deliver on their ideas and plans. All the external resources and partnerships in the world cannot replace the effective internal workings of an organization. Organizational structure, processes, decision-making, resource and talent acquisition and management, resilience to change, and countless other factors affect an organization’s ability to make its mark over the long run.

We help clients maximize their effectiveness so that they ask the right questions, make well-informed strategic decisions, and attract and retain the best people. We ensure our clients are set up to reach their full potential for innovation and resilience, and better able to respond to development challenges.

What we do

    • Design and help stand-up impact-driven multi-stakeholder partnerships. We use our knowledge of organizational science and experience in global development to recommend and setup effective organizations that bring together the best of these worlds.

    • Align governance and structure to strategy. Based on extensive stakeholder interviews, focus groups, workshops, and surveys, we build an understanding of how organizations operate to then realign internal structures through a collaborative approach. We distill varying opinions, and use fact-based analysis and internal champions to make changes to strategy a reality.

    • Focus teams on results, in headquarters and in the field. Based on our understanding of benchmarks, optimal levels of decentralization across organizations, and our research of the internal dynamics of each client, we determine the most effective staff placements, reporting lines and roles to optimize results.

    • Streamline core operating processes and decision making towards a common mission. With a user-centered mindset, we map out processes that need to be created or rewritten. We then collaborate with clients to develop the processes, detail touch points between teams and organizations, and identify the tools and templates required to design and deliver each process.

    • Enable organizations to drive sustained change. Throughout our collaboration with clients, we equip organizations to become sustainable learning institutions. We help each organization define areas of change, implement, monitor, and track progress, establish knowledge centers, and build a culture open to learning and change.