Funding & Investment

While funding sustainability has always been one of critical challenges of social entrepreneurs and organizations, social investors are increasingly looking for opportunities that deliver on their impact or sustainability objectives.

We help our clients navigate this changing world. Our Funding & Investing practice provides entrepreneurs a suite of services related to the design of sustainable funding strategies, as well as the implementation and improvement of resource mobilization actions and organization. With our on-the-ground knowledge of social markets and deep experience working at the intersection of the private and public sectors, we also offer investors a suite of services related to the design and formation of investment vehicles, as well as the identification and assessment of new social investment opportunities.

What we do

    • Build social investment strategy for Foundations & Institutes: We conduct in-depth market research and rigorous analyses to inform investment strategies that align with unique investor needs. We also identify new investment opportunities across industries, including but not limited to agriculture, energy, health, technology, and financial services.

    • Implement and optimize social investment facilites: We not only support structuring and designing new investment funds and financing facilities from idea to launch, but also sourcing and evaluating prospective managers for new fund management mandates. In order to assess effectiveness and inform future strategies, we evaluate the impact of investments and funds and design systems for monitoring performance.

    • Build funding strategies for social entrepreneurs: We help social entrepreneurs and organizations to identify the most adequate funding sources/ audiences for their profile and assess their potential. We also support on crafting the right messages and contact strategies in order to reach their funding potential.

    • Optimize resource mobilization: We support the design and implementation of loyalty programs for individual donors, as well as planning and launching funding campaigns for organizations and specific projects. In order to ensure sustainability over time, we may support structuring the funding function of social organizations, including building internal processes and training managers.