At SDA, evaluation goes beyond accountability and standardization to the bigger picture: value creation.

We build results measurement strategies, actionable learning agendas, and robust evaluation studies and strategic reviews to help clients amplify their impact.

What we do

    • Develop results measurement strategies and frameworks for non-profits, mission-driven enterprises and foundations/donors by defining the client’s theory of change and then developing appropriate data analysis, technology, and shared learning tools and protocols based on needs of the client and its stakeholders.

    • Create learning agendas for networks and coalitions of organizations to coordinate and prioritize industry research and learning questions.

    • Conduct evaluations and strategic reviews of organizations or programs to assess their outputs, outcomes, and impact, as well as their added value vis-à-vis other initiatives in the space. We have led randomized control trials, developed and implemented experimental designs, adopted mixed quantitative and qualitative methods, collected and analyzed data against theory of change-based metrics, and developed robust case studies.

    • Generate strategic insights and recommendations based on our evaluation findings, including to streamline, course correct, or scale up existing programs and to inform the design of new programs.