Clayton Campagnolla

Brazilian, over 30 years of experience in technological development of agriculture for sustainability, public policies for rural development, agrifood systems, industrial policy, and development and innovation in industry in various production chains, such as oil and gas, naval, construction, mining, biofuels, cosmetics, textiles and apparel, footwear, electronics, chemistry;

Agronomist (ESALQ - University of São Paulo), Master in Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (University of São Paulo), PhD in Entomology (Texas A&M University), Post-Doctorate in Economics and Environment (Institute of Economics, University of Campinas - Unicamp);

International experience: Served as Director of Sustainable Agriculture at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO, Rome for almost 7 years, leading the programming, institutional goals, projects and reports around the world on sustainability in agriculture, livestock, forests, fishing and fish farming, with the main objective of developing integrated production systems and mobilizing governments to implement public policies to support sustainable rural development. As President of Embrapa, he participated in official government missions to several African and Latin American countries with the aim of building institutional partnerships.

Professional Experiences

    • Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa):

        • Environment: Chief General for 8 years of this National Research Center located in Jaguariúna/SP, where he led its transformation using strategic planning to define its new mission to assess the environmental impact of agriculture as well as technological and public policy measures to mitigate negative environmental effects;

        • Headquarters: President for 2 years in Brasília, leading the expansion of the organization's scope of action with the incorporation of R&D for family farming and a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability taking into account its three pillars: economic, social and environmental in line with the demands of different agricultural segments.

    • Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI): Director for 5 years in Brasilia, acting as a leader in the articulation with various sector associations and industry entities to promote its development through strategic studies of value chains and public policy measures to encourage innovation and competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

    • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): Director of Sustainable Agriculture, headquartered in Rome - Italy, where he worked to strengthen sustainability in various sectors of agriculture (agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing and fish farming). Led the preparation of five sustainability principles (increased productivity; conservation and recovery of natural resources; increased income and social inclusion of producers; resilience of communities and agro-ecosystems to climate change; and effective and responsible mechanisms for governance), which were approved and adopted by member countries;

    • FAO Consultant: Sustainable Agriculture and Integration of Agricultural Production Systems

Expertise & Skills

  • Evaluation and design of public policies

  • Preparation and management of R&D and sustainable development projects for industry and agriculture

  • leadership in teamwork

  • Institutional articulation and building partnerships

  • Implementation of projects and actions based on strategic planning

  • Training in sustainability in industrial and agricultural chains

Expertise Areas

  • Environmental, social and governance sustainability (ESG)

  • Technological Innovation

  • Impact of economic sectors on climate change

  • Environmental footprint of economic sectors

  • Partnerships between universities/research centers and the private sector

  • Public policy